Zokhawthar Medical Centre

In 2002, MMC began providing humanitarian, medical aid to Burmese people fleeing Myanmar to seek refuge in India.

By 2009, a permanent Medical Centre was staffed and functioning as a full-time hospital in Zokhawthar Village on the India/Myanmar border.

After the Burmese military coup in February 2021, the number of people fleeing Myanmar increased by the thousand-fold. Wounded and ill refugees from CHIN state, Myanmar, fled into India. This sudden vast increase in medical need overwhelmed the MMC supported Medical Centre in Zokhawthar. The fact that several thousand refugees were camped out in the open near the MMC Medical Centre came to the attention of Doctors Without Borders.

They upgraded and expanded this hospital to greatly increase the provision of life-saving medical care to the ever-increasing number of refugees, but the need is great.

Your financial support, donations and volunteer assistance are urgently needed for the continued operation, upkeep and staffing of this critical care facility to help the suffering.