Meet our Team

Mylaine Tsaprailis – President 
an Owner / Operator and Chief Executive Officer of Calgary Alternative Support Services Inc., a nonprofit Human Services organization. She has worked with marginalized populations in various capacities for over 20 years.  Mylaine’s academic achievements include a Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Political Science, and Bachelor of International Development from the University of Calgary. She is a registered Social Worker and has been certified Mental Health First Aid Facilitator since 2008.

Mylaine has volunteered her time, in the past, with survivors of torture through the Red Cross and has had extensive involvement volunteering with Medical Mercy Canada Society both locally and internationally. She believes strongly in the mission, vision and values of MMC and the subsequent work that has evolved over the years.

Roberta “Bobbie” Jess – Secretary
Bobbie was born and raised in Alberta.  After living in Australia, she moved to Great Falls, Montana where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Micro Computer Management, a bachelor’s in biology and an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice.  In 2000 she then relocated to Seattle, Washington where she managed medical clinics.  In 2014, her younger sister, Martina Losing was diagnosed with cancer so Roberta came back to Canada to care for her.  Martina Losing travelled with Mylaine Tsaprailis to the Ukraine as a volunteer for Medical Mercy a few times.  Roberta has been a strong supporter for Medical Mercy and believes strongly in their mission.  She is hoping to travel more for Medical Mercy Canada and believes strongly in MMC’s mission.

Roberta has volunteered for a Medical Mercy Canada in the past as well as the Rainbow Society and Hard Knocks.   

Laura Karlsson BN – Vice President, Medical Supply Coordinator & Shipping, International Operations Committee 
I am a retired registered nurse and bone marrow transplant coordinator. Since 2005 I have been in charge of medical donations and shipments to Ukraine. Travel to Nepal and Ukraine as a medical volunteer with the team has given me a greater understanding of the needs for these countries. This is the second time I have been on the board and I have also been the volunteer coordinator in the past. 

David Kohut – Director, International Operations Committee

Born in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.
Grandparents immigrated from Ukraine as young adults and married in Canada.
A retired Mechanical Engineer, worked in Special Projects for 22 years at the Bruce Power Nuclear Station.
Enjoys helping people. For the past 25 years, has been a volunteer coach and president of Kincardine’s swim team, Kincardine Kippers. For 12 years has been a member of Medical Mercy Canada’s Ukraine mission, responsible for:

-photography during missions

-evaluating structures requiring MMC help

-reviewing projects’ financial records and receipts

-driving on Ukraine’s wonderful roads

Dr. Donna Taylor –Chair of International Operations Committee

 Born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.
Family immigrated from England and Wales to Canada about 150 years ago.
Is a retired family physician, practiced 30 years in towns with few or no specialists:

-delivered over one thousand babies

-was the anaesthetist for surgeries

-worked shifts in the Emergency Department of hospitals

As well, worked every day in a clinic treating men and women, young and old, for a wide range of physical, emotional, and psychological problems. Typically treated 30 to 40 patients each day in the clinic and then saw patients in hospital.
Visited Ukraine 10 times as part of Medical Mercy Canada’s Ukraine mission. Responsible for explaining Canadian medical supplies and equipment to Ukrainian medical staff. Also, has been asked for medical opinions in some cases, by Ukrainian doctors.

Greg BoschTreasurer 

Karin Karlsson Director

Karin is a Registered Nurse and works on a medical/palliative unit at a hospital in Calgary. She has a Bachelor of Nursing and a Bachelor of Design. Karin is passionate about advocacy and quality improvement for patients. She has travelled extensively and has previously travelled to Nepal with MMC to volunteer at a health camp.

Anna Suprun Director, International Operations Committee

Don Bobyn – Advisor
D.J (Don) Bobyn is a retired professional engineer/executive in Calgary’s energy industry, with continuing activity in current oil and gas operations. He remains active in the Ukrainian community within Calgary by being a member of numerous charities and committees. 

Stanley OdutAdvisor

Dr. Myron Semkuley Advisor & Founder, International Operations Committee *See Below*

Elaine Semkuley Advisor & Founder, International Operations Committee *See Below*

About Our Founders

Dr. Myron Semkuley was born in Edmonton in 1939. His family moved to Calgary when he was 2
years old & he grew up in Calgary. He attended University of Alberta where he acquired his degree
in Medicine in 1964. Elaine (Cormier) Semkuley was born in Kitchener, Ontario in 1940. Her family moved to Edmonton in 1951 when she was 11 years old. She acquired her degree in Pharmacy at U of A in 1962. Myron and Elaine met at university and they married in 1963.Together; between 1965 & 1971
they adopted 4 children, then became natural parents to their 5th child.
Dr. Semkuley attained his Certification in Family Medicine in 1969 then opened a medical practice in
Calgary, which continued until 2000. He worked as a locum Family Physician in Calgary until 2014.
In 1992, Dr. Semkuley & his wife, Elaine began medical aid projects to the Burmese refugees on the
Thai/Burma border and to the impoverished people in the villages in Western Ukraine. In 2002, they
added to their projects the development of medical clinics along the India Burma border. In 2005 they
began visits to Nepal to assist impoverished & marginalized remote communities with better health
They visited & worked in most of these places every year since 1992, as their projects grew
In 1999, to assist in their foreign medical aid work,a formal group was formed:
a registered charity called MEDICAL MERCY CANADA SOCIETY MMC annually expands the work which Semkuley’s began 30 years ago.