Medications Delivered to Ukraine

March, 2023

In the past year, since the war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, MMC has made significant contributions of much needed medical aid and supplies to the war-torn regions of Ukraine. Some of these medical supplies have included Physician Travel Packs (PTPs) each containing vital medications such as painkillers, antibiotics and anti-fungal treatments.  Each PTP is valued at approximately $6,000 CAD. MMC, in conjunction with Health Partners International of Canada, has provided invaluable medications to the hardest hit areas of Ukraine. 


Humanitarian Aid Near Odessa

February, 2023

In Odessa, Ukraine, a volunteer group have received financial aid from MMC which enables them to deliver food, water and medications to those desperately in need living in the war zone. This group also help Ukrainians leave their homes and move to a safer location. The money from MMC has been used to provide essential supplies including food, water, clothing, wood stoves, fuel and transportation. MMC is very grateful for all of the work this volunteer group are doing to improve the quality of life for people living in Ukraine.

Medical Supplies Arrive in Ukraine!

December, 2022

Another shipment of medical supplies have arrived in Ukraine. We wanted to thank everyone and share a few photos that demonstrate the impact your generosity has made.

MMC will continue to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Medications Arrive in Ukraine!

December, 2022

A shipment of Physician Travel Packs have successfully arrived in Ukraine.

MMC is very thankful to all of our donors and volunteers who make this possible.

MMC Helps Zokhawthar, India

Refugee Camp in Zokhawthar, India

Burmese refugees fleeing Myanmar cross into the Indian state of Mizoram at the border town
of Zokhawthar where the MMC clinic is. We provide free medical aid and education to those
who most desperately need it.

Zokhawthar has a population of about 2500 people and currently has a refugee camp of over
3000 people with more refugees arriving daily. Some are injured, many are sick or pregnant,
and medical care is often urgent and ongoing. MMC and other NGOs are critically important to
the survival of these refugees.

Many thanks to A Better World organization in Lacombe, Alberta for their purchase to help
Zokhawthar MMC staff deal with Covid in the community:

– An electric generator
– Essential personal protective equipment (PPE)
– An oxygen concentrator, which is also proving very useful in helping with the large
amount of respiratory issues caused by open cooking fires in many homes

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has funded a full renovation to the MMC Zokhawthar clinic to
help with the large number of deliveries being done and the increase in urgent care and
overnight stays:

– Conversion of existing rooms to delivery rooms
– Additions built for a new kitchen, pharmacy, and staff quarters
– Installation of a new septic tank and improvements to drinking water system
– Multiple upgrades and additions to medical equipment

Our patient counts in Zokhawthar are still at a very high level which is a tribute to the brilliant
young doctor we have there. We have been able to retain all of our incredible staff during
these times of extreme stress on the system.


MMC has been providing humanitarian aid to areas in Ukraine that have the greatest need. We have been providing civilians with food, water, clothing, medicine and medical supplies. In 9 months, MMC has provided materials and funds valued at over half a million dollars to Ukraine. MMC would like to extend a special thank you to our donors and the following Canadian partners for making all of our vital contributions possible.

  • Friends of Ostimates Worldwide
  • Health Partners International Canada
  • Ukrainians of Calgary Association
  • Rod Shyba/Stat Healthcare Corporation


In May, MMC was asked to help obtain medical supplies for Kharkiv, Ukraine. The hospitals were in urgent need of colostomy bags and urinary catheters.  MMC was able to arrange a donation of ostomy medical supplies from Friends of Ostimates Worldwide. Kharkiv received these critical supplies by the end of June. MMC continues to make significant medical contributions to countries in need. 


17 suitcases were packed in August and sent to Ukraine to be dispersed to various centres that are in need of medical supplies. Most of the shipment were dressings and urology supplies. Many thanks to all the volunteers and members of MMC who helped with this project.

MMC Ukraine Crisis Update: MARCH 2022

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, Medical Mercy Canada Society (MMC) has been supporting the Ukrainian people through financial aid and medical supply deliveries.

What we have done so far:

In Ukraine:

Our in-country managers have shifted their focus from pre-conflict projects to the current crisis. They have been coordinating medical supply deliveries and supporting the many displaced persons who have made it to western Ukraine. A portion of funding previously designated toward infrastructure projects has been redirected to provide immediate aid in camps and villages.

With war waging within Ukraine, MMC has put all current Ukrainian infrastructure projects on hold. 

Our focus now is providing urgent humanitarian aid to the people affected by the on-going conflict.

In Canada: 

The collection and shipment of medical supplies has been a top priority. Our volunteers have been working hard to collect, sort, pack, and ship medical supplies needed in Ukraine. Generous donations by private individuals and organizations have allowed us to send three large shipments since the conflict began.

March 2, MMC launched an official Ukraine Crisis Support Campaign on Canada Helps. In just under a month over $151,030 has already been raised, which has allowed us to help those in need on the ground in Ukraine.

We are currently looking for donations to fill supply requests.

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