MMC has been providing both financial and medical aid annually since 1992. Supplies have been accepted and distributed by MMC designated on site managers to medical clinics, hospitals, and long term care facilities. Financial aid has been instrumental in the growth and development of schools. MMC has been helping the people of Ukraine to create their own healthy communities.

MMC lends a helping hand in the form of renovation projects within facilities such as orphanages, child care centres, geriatric centres, remote health clinics, and rural schools. We improve their quality of life by improving their standard of living.

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, support has been given to the Ukrainian people through financial aid and medical supply deliveries.

Our in country managers have shifted their focus from pre conflict projects to the current crisis. They have been coordinating medical supply deliveries and supporting the many displaced people who have made it to western Ukraine. A portion of funding previously designated toward infrastructure projects has been redirected to provide immediate aid to camps and villages.


MMC is involved in many projects in Ukraine to help Ukrainians “Create their own healthy communities.” ​

  • 59 village medical aid stations and clinics
  • 4 hospitals
  • 28 schools
  • 15 Child Care Centres
  • 8 Geriatric Care Centres
  • 1 Adult Tuberculosis Centre5
  • 1 Orphanage / Pediatric Tuberculosis Centre
  • 2 Disabled Children’s’ Care Centres
  • 1 Family Support organization – Ukraine Rodena