Medical Mercy Canada is urgently asking for assistance in helping the people who have been affected by the crisis in Ukraine. Our focus is to give humanitarian aid to those in need of food and medical supplies. 

MMC has been providing both financial and medical aid, annually, since 1992. Supplies have been accepted, and distributed, by MMC designated on-site Managers to Medical Clinics, Hospitals, and Long-term Care Facilities. Financial aid has also been instrumental in the growth & development of schools and kindergartensMMC has a proven track record of over 26 years of helping the people of Ukraine to CREATE their own Healthy Communities.Now, due to the severe emergency caused by the war in Ukraine, MMC is preparing to urgently collect and send larger amounts of supplies to meet the needs of the Ukrainian people. We are communicating with our in-country representatives daily and are sending supplies and aid to those most in need.MMC urgently asks for support to help in this crisis. 

Create a fundraising team for classrooms, businesses, clubs, or individuals on our official P2P Ukraine Crisis Support page on Canada Helps. Click the link below to start. For more information contact us

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Since gaining independence with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine has struggled with its identity. Internal divisions, government actions, corruption, economic inequality, and international intervention have led to to revolution, rebellion, and an overall unsafe, and inadequate life for many Ukrainians. There are currently about 800, 000 internally displaced people who are in need of basic services and aid. 


In Ukraine MMC lends a helping hand in the form of small restorations projects within facilities such as orphanages, child care centers, geriatric centers, remote health clinics, and rural schools. We help to ensure that the residents have the dignity of functioning sanitation and hygiene facilities, secure windows, and working kitchens. ​


MMC is involved in many projects in Ukraine to help Ukrainians “Create their own healthy communities.” ​

  • 59 village medical aid stations and clinics
  • 4 hospitals
  • 28 schools
  • 15 Child Care Centres
  • 8 Geriatric Care Centres
  • 1 Adult Tuberculosis Centre
  • 1 Orphanage / Pediatric Tuberculosis Centre
  • 2 Disabled Children’s’ Care Centres
  • 1 Family Support organization – Ukraine Rodena

Ukraine Now

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, support has been given to the Ukrainian people through financial aid and medical supply deliveries.

Our in-country managers have shifted their focus from pre-conflict projects to the current crisis. They have been coordinating medical supply deliveries and supporting the many displaced persons who have made it to western Ukraine. A portion of funding previously designated toward infrastructure projects has been redirected to provide immediate aid in camps and villages.

With war waging within Ukraine, MMC has put all current Ukrainian infrastructure projects on hold. 

Our focus now is providing urgent humanitarian aid to the people affected by the on-going conflict.