Loi Kaw Wan is an Internally Displaced People camp set up along the Thai-Myanmar border.  MMC started giving aid to Shan State in 1998 and started working up the border to reach less accessible areas. The Loi Kaw Wan camp was established in 2000 due to increased conflict in the area. MMC has played a very important role in supporting this camp, enabling it to sustain the people living there. The first team came in 2001 and continued annually until 2018. 

MMC has had a huge positive impact on Loi Kaw Wan over the years.  MMC has provided extensive and invaluable medical assistance, education and training. MMC has funded the construction of a solid Medical Centre building of concrete and metal that withstands the extreme weather conditions. Loi Kaw Wan now has many medics, trained by MMC teams, working in the Medical Centre which was established with the help of MMC volunteers. Without MMC the people in this village would not have had access to medical care.