Medical Mercy Canada is urgently asking for assistance in helping the people who have been affected by the crisis in Ukraine. Our focus is to give humanitarian aid to those in need of food and medical supplies. 

MMC has been providing both financial and medical aid, annually, since 1992. Supplies have been accepted, and distributed, by MMC designated on-site Managers to Medical Clinics, Hospitals, and Long-term Care Facilities. Financial aid has also been instrumental in the growth & development of schools and kindergartens.
MMC has a proven track record of over 26 years of helping the people of Ukraine to CREATE their own Healthy Communities.
Now, due the severe emergency caused by the war in Ukraine, MMC is preparing to urgently collect and send larger amounts of supplies to meet the needs of the Ukrainian people. We are communicating with our in-country representatives daily and are sending supplies and aid to those most in need.
MMC urgently asks for support to help in this crisis. 

Link to our official Ukraine Crisis Support fund on Canada Helps:…/medica…/p2p/ukrainecrisis/

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